Series 65 is challenging and you will need every advantage you can get to pass this exam!  Securities Institute of America’s Exam Review Study Guide gives you every test concept in a concise, clear format.  The simple, easy-to-understand illustrations are developed from Stecurities Institute of America’s 25 years of test prep experience.  Read a chapter in this Guide, then see the same topic in Adviser Test Prep’s Series 65 Online/On-Demand/Mobile-friendly course, then use Securities Instittute of America’s Practice Exam software to gain the confidence you’ll need to pass.  Do not underestimate the difficulty of this exam.  Get started today!


Series 65/66 is challenging!  Securities Institute of America’s Exam Review Study Guide is an essential read for those who want to pass the exam!  This Guide gives you a concise, clear explanation of every test concept and provides simple, easy-to-understand illustrations.  Read a chapter in this text, then watch Adviser Test Prep’s corresponding Series 65/66 online, on-demand video course: the concepts will be clear!  BEST VALUE PACKAGE: Get Securities Institute of America’s Practice Practice Test Software AND the printed text and you’ll take the test with confidence.   Do not underestimate this test’s difficulty – you will need to know everything in this Guide.  Get started today!


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