Series 66 Exam Review Study Guide




Series 66 Exam Review Study Guide
Series 66 Exam Review Study Guide

Series 66 Exam Review Guide is the perfect companion for Adviser Test Prep’s Series 65/66 Online/On-Demand/Mobile Friendly video course.  The 322 page Exam Review Guide explains every topic with simple, easy-to-understand illustrations and practical examples.  Securities Institute of America’s package harnesses over 25 years of exam prep experience.  It includes 256 Review Questions.  This exam is difficult, so we recommend the Series 66 Exam Review Study Guide and Practice Quesion package with 1,800 practice questions.  

For your best chance to pass on the first attempt, read the Exam Review Guide, watch Adviser Test Prep’s video session on the same topic, then take the Review Questions until you score 80% or higher consistently.  The printed text is sent with FREE SHIPPING to the address you provide in your order. As one of the most challenging exams you will face, you need all the tools.  Start today!

If you prefer an Live Class in your office or have questions about this course, please phone us at 719-278-3883.


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