SERIES 7 Top-off Exam Complete Review Study Guide, Video Course and Question Bank


Series 7 is more than challenging!  Kaplan Financial’s License Exam Manual covers every topic you must understand to pass this exam. There are no shortcuts: this is a must-read text.  For maximum results, couple it with Adviser Test Prep’s Live Class and Kaplan’s extensive Q-bank.  


Series 7 Complete Study Guide, Video Course, Question Bank
Series 7 Complete Package: Study Guide, Video Course, Practice Questions

Series 7 top-off exam is deep and wide!  This Series 7 Complete Package is the place to start.   Many candidates spend over 100 hours preparing for this enormous exam – Leave nothing to chance!

This comprehensive package is your best chance to pass on the first attempt.Use all the tools for this huge exam: Series 7 Exam Review 624-page printed Study Guide, Video Course and Online Practice Question bank.  The complete package include a Greenlight Exam that let’s you know you are ready for the real exam (we are not able to offer SIA’s Greenlight money-back guarantee. We offer the unlimited Adviser Test Prep Guarantee that gives you a 1-hour Online Custom Coaching session at no cost – you set the agenda – what you need, when you need it!).  For maximum results, couple this comprehensive package with additional Adviser Test Prep’s Custom Coaching.

Have questions about this exam?  Call us at 719-278-3883.  This is the ultimate challenge exam, so get started today!

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