SERIES 7 Top-off Exam Study Guide and Question Bank


Series 7 is more than challenging!  Kaplan Financial’s License Exam Manual covers every topic you must understand to pass this exam. There are no shortcuts: this is a must-read text.  For maximum results, couple it with Adviser Test Prep’s Live Class and Kaplan’s extensive Q-bank.  


Series 7 Review Guide and Practice Questions
Series 7 Study Guide and Practice Questions

Series 7 top-off exam is deep and wide!  This Series 7 Exam Review Study Guide and Practice Question set is best for those with industry experience and/or college finance and economics degrees.   If that is not your experience, we recommend the Series 7 Complete package from our partner, Securities Institute of America (SIA) that includes everything in this package AND 20 hours of video instruction.  With more than 25 years test prep experience, SIA knows exactly what you need to pass this exam.  Many candidates spend over 100 hours preparing for this enormous exam – get the Complete Package and leave nothing to chance!

This package includes the Series 7 Exam Review 624-page printed Study Guide, and 2,200 question Online Practice Question bank.  The printed Study Guide is shipped free to the address in your order.  It also includes a Greenlight Exam that let’s you know you are ready for the real exam (we are not able to offer SIA’s Greenlight money-back guarantee. We offer the Adviser Test Prep Guarantee that gives you a 1-hour Online Custom Coaching session at no cost – you set the agenda – what you need, when you need it!).  For maximum results, couple this comprehensive package with additional Adviser Test Prep’s Custom Coaching.

Have questions about this exam, prefer a live class in your office or just need Custom Coaching?  Call us at 719-278-3883.  This is the ultimate challenge exam, so get started today!

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