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The Adviser Test Prep Difference

Successful Candidates = Agency Profits

Have you ever said: “There must be a better way to learn this stuff?”  

We did, too!  And we are still saying it.

We saw too many new candidates hit the “test wall” and leave the industry – often at a high cost to their firms.  We got tired of “talking heads,” and boring “narrated outline” presentations.

Adviser Test Prep changed everything! 

We use research-based presentation techniques to create practical content that “pops” when candidates need it most: in the exam! (See our secret weapon below). 

Instructors: Industry Professionals

Each of our instructors, coaches and content writers comes with years – some times decades – of field experience.  Some have written materials for other securities training companies and some have even taught for them.  

We choose our instructors for their ability to simplify complex ideas and for their passion to teach those ideas! Then, we give our instructors the finest materials in the securities training industry.

Extraordinary Materials

We build our courses organically – from the FINRA and NASAA outlines.  Our content writers were trained to write national exams so we know how test writers approach test topics. Besides, we talk to test takers daily – so we know what you need to know!

Each course is built on a video platform that plays on your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  You can literally study anywhere – 24/7.  

Our colorful, highly illustrated charts, graphs and real-life examples give you the “why” and the “how” behind the test topics.  

Why does this matter?

Because few people can learn effectively without “real connections.”  And few people come to our industry with investment backgrounds.  

More importantly, few people take tests well.

Test Secrets – The Inside Story

We can all agree: there is more to passing a test than “knowing the material.”  In fact, some Securities exams try to twist simple concepts – just to confuse the candidate.  

But we have the inside story…

Adviser Test Prep’s courses give study techniques, test-taking strategies test writers don’t want you to know and powerful ways to dissect even the most difficult test questions so you pass on the first attempt.

Our Secret Weapon – to Your Success

We banished boring with our secret weapon: humor!  

What good is studying if you fall asleep?  Not only will you find practical examples in your course, but we’ve added humorous illustrations to keep you focused and entertained.  

To see the difference for yourself, see our FREE Test Secrets CourseWe think you will agree: Adviser Test Prep works!

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Super Student 1

“…expertly takes new and abstract concepts and weaves them into easy and understandable/practical examples…brings them to earth. Fred Meyer, Thornton CO

Super Student 1

“…enthusiastic approach…humor made the class enjoyable while learning challenging material.” Ron Alford, Aurora CO

Super Student 1

“The test-taking strategy alone was worth the price of admission.” Renny Pizarro, Burbank CA