Coaches –
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Your Coach: More Than

Just An Answer!

You are Never Stuck

Almost anyone can give you an answer to a question.  Your Adviser Test Prep coach gives you the depth to understand why you have the question – and why the answer makes sense.

You CAN Pass on the First Attempt – with the right coaching.

Adviser Test Prep’s coaches break down complex ideas and show you how things work.  In the exam, you’ll know the answers because you’ve seen the concept at work.

Whether you must pass FINRA exams – Series 6, Series 7, Series 26, or NASAA exams – Series 63, Series 65, Series 66, Adviser Test Prep’s test secrets make the difference.

The REAL Difference

Your coach knows the TEST, what is TESTED and what is NOT Tested. As a learning expert, your coach may be able to pinpoint your struggle and give you the solution that works!

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Your coach is available by appointment.  To set a FREE CONSULTATION, please CLICK HERE.  Be sure to tell your coach what time is best to contact you.  Most questions can be answered in a short phone call (20 minutes, typical) and are included with your online registration.

Need personal tutoring?

Custom coaching sessions can  be arranged by appointment at reasonable rates.  

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 Team Coaching: Go The Distance!

Coaches Keep Your Team “In The Game”  

Coaching calls before and after a Live Class or webinar can motivated your team and keep them focused.  Schedule team conference calls or custom webinars and watch your team soar! To schedule a team coaching call, please click the button below.

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Coaches try to phone you within 24 hours. Please suggest the best time to call you. Be sure to give as many details as possible!
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“[the instructor’s] humor keeps you motivated and involved!  …stories make the examples clearer.” Judy Camarena, Phoenix AZ