Securities Licensing LIVE Classes

Live, On-Site Securities License Training

Entertaining Classes You’ll Actually Enjoy!

On-Site Securities License Training:

The Ultimate Exam Prep

The best way to prepare for Securities License exams is with a Live, Instructor-led classroom course in your office.

Expert Coaches

Our instructors engage students with powerful, highly-illustrated presentations, hands-on exercises, authentic props and team-building activities that reach all learning styles.

Instructors are experienced, practicing professionals who use real-life practical examples that make content “stick!”

Most importantly: our instructors know these exams – what material is tested – and what is not tested!

The Key: Preparation

Make the best use of your candidates’ time:  

  • Have candidates read the entire exam manual and
  • Take pre-tests
  • Submit their U-4 form prior to the class
  • Schedule the class 3 to 7 days before candidate’s exam
  • Give them a day or two to review the class materials
  • Take the test and Pass

Deadlines Work!

A Live On-Site class focuses candidates in a way that other methods simply cannot.  When combined with effective teaching strategies that tap candidates’ imaginations – on-site instruction nets the highest first-time pass success.

With a live class, candidates are more likely to read the material ahead of time and are more likely to be prepared if they are asked to respond in class.  Deadlines force us to prepare! 

Think deadline: December 25, April 15, your anniversary….  Set a deadline and book a class now!

Survey your team: How many of them tell you they learn better in a classroom setting?  Why?  Because it is true!

Custom Quote Easy Booking

Recommended Live Class Schedule

Generally, classes run 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM, weekdays, with a 1 hour break for lunch.

We can customize sessions to meet your requirements. Weekend classes are possible, too!

Securities Industry Essentials SIE: Two days

Series 6: Two days

Series 7: Four or Five days

Series 26: One day

Series 63: One day

Series 65 or 66: Two Days

Call Adviser Test Prep at 719-278-3883 or fill out the Request for Quote Form below. Secure your first-choice calendar date now!

All Classes Include

  • An experienced, industry – seasoned Instructor who knows your exam
  • A Comprehensive Outline for each candidate
  • Study aids, Flash Cards and online class reviews – as available and appropriate for the course.

We can also provide:

  • Kick-off conference calls
  • Pre-approach webinars
  • Follow-up calls
  • Individual coaching 


Coming Soon!

Test Prep Classes in Your City

Adviser Test Prep will hold classes open to everyone in major US Cities.  Want your city included?  Email us at or fill out the form below. Tell us in what city to hold an open class – or get a quote for a class in your office.

Super Student 1

“Excellent.  Highlighted the more important issues.  Funny, insightful and on target.”  James Shapouri, Burbank CA

Super Student 1

“…fun and filled with important information.  Not only did we talk about securities, but also concepts and ideas to make my business succeed. Jairo Juarez, LaPuente CA

Super Student 1

“…easy to understand…involved everyone in the class.”  Francisco Rodriquez, Fort Worth TX