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The Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) exam is the first exam you must pass before you take Series 6 or or Series 7.  These are the topics that you must know to navigate the complex investment industry.  Where other test prep courses merely talk ABOUT the topics, we give you the WHY.  We use highly-illustrated, story-based examples that break down every test topic so you remember them – through the test and beyond!  The course is mobile-friendly, too.  See it on your Smartphone or IPad anywhere you have Internet. Includes a comprehensive print-at-home outline/workbook with charts, graphs and study aids.  Be sure to see the Exam Study Tips and Question Review sessions where we show you how to dissect every question type.  

To see the difference for yourself, see our FREE TEST SECRETS video.  We give you the Why behind the test topic,too. Yes, you’ll get the What and the How, but the Why is the answer to the test questions.

You will also need to read a textbook.  Purchase the SIE textbook (License Exam Manual) through our affiliate, Kaplan Financial.  To pass your exam, you will need to take practice exams, so be sure to get Kaplan Financial’s Q-bank and use it extensively.

Make no mistake: this exam is challenging!  To ace the exam on the first attempt, get started now!




Take the Securities Industry Essentials (SIE) Exam with confidence! Your course features highly-illustrated, practical, story-based examples are designed to “bring the concepts” together. It also includes a comprehensive outline/workbook with easy-to-understand charts, graphs and study aids.  In addition, the question review sessions give you powerful test-busting strategies.  Course is mobile-friendly so you can see it on most Smart devices – no extra cost!  This course is a 3-month subscription, after which you may renew on a month-to-month basis.

Before you begin, you will save time if you watch our FREE TEST SECRETS course.

For best results, purchase the SIE textbook and the practice question Q-bank from our affiliate, Kaplan Financial.  Read a chapter, see our entertaining video session and then take practice quizzes.  Everything you need to pass on your first attempt!

A SECURITIES INDUSTRY FIRST! NOW FEATURING: The Adviser Test Prep Guarantee!  You get 1 hour Custom Coaching BEFORE your exam (a $100 Value).  You set the agenda, so it is just what you need, when you need it.  If, in the unlikely event that you do not pass, you get 1 hour Custom Coaching every 2 weeks until you pass!  (See the details, click here).  

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